CTLN Opinion+: Seila Mosquera-Bruno



This week CTLN Opinion+ had the opportunity to speak with Commissioner Seila Mosquera-Bruno, of the Connecticut Department of Housing.

We had an informative discussion on the importance of providing access to affordable housing, the challenges behind the lack of affordable housing, and the state’s new program available for rental and homeownership.

Commissioner Seila Mosquera-Bruno brings a wealth of knowledge to the Department of housing. Before her appointment, she was the President and chief executive officer of NeighborWorks New Horizons (NWNH), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing opportunities to help build strong communities and revitalize neighborhoods. Under her leadership, the organization expanded operations beyond New Haven County to New London and Fairfield counties.

Mosquera-Bruno has vast and extensive experience advocating for affordable housing on a state and national level. She also served on the National NeighborWorks Association board and is co-chair of their National Real Estate Development Advisory Council.

Mosquera-Bruno’s goal is to continue the state’s production of creating more affordable units by increasing resources to developers where they can continue building quality housing for those most in need.

Key points of discussion:

·          Connecticut Department of housing mission statement

·          The problem behind the lack of affordable housing and what CDOH is doing to help   solve this issue

·          Discussion about some of the affordable housing programs/resources  

·          How CDOH educate and inform communities about affordable housing

·          The importance of making affordable housing available

·          The status of the emergency rental assistance program UniteCT

·          What can communities or an individual do to address CT housing inequalities

·          The new emergency program MyHomeCT to help homeowners pay their mortgage

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Connecticut Department of Housing

Commissioners Biography (ct.gov)



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