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CHICAGO — Illinois Latino News (ILLN), one of nearly 40 independent Chicago-area media outlets, members of the Chicago Independent Media Alliance (CIMA), are joining forces for the third annual fundraising campaign kicking off  this week. Under the slogan #WeAmplifyChicagoVoices, this diverse and eclectic media group will conduct a two-week campaign between October 3 – 17. 

More than $70,000 in matching funds have been pledged from CIMA’s contributing partners including The MacArthur Foundation, Square One Foundation, The Joyce Foundation, and the Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation. Additionally, WBEZ and the Chicago Sun-Times are supporting partners. To give, visit October 3 – 17.

CIMA members are for-profit and nonprofit organizations representing a wide cross-section of community media in the city and nearby suburbs. The organization’s 2021 campaign raised more than $160,000 for 43 members, including $60,000 in matching funds from local foundations. More than 1,000 individuals donated, with two-thirds opting to support all outlets. Donors may opt to split their gift evenly among all of the outlets, or they may give a specific amount to one or more outlets. When they give to an individual outlet, those funds will be matched 2-1 during the first two days of the campaign, and 1-1 for the rest of the fundraiser, until matching funds are depleted.

“Another positive consequence of our campaign is the visibility and amplification of the work these outlets are producing,” said Yazmin Dominguez, CIMA co-director. “A diversity of reporting is what should be demanded in a vibrant, diverse city like Chicago, and our coalition embodies that.” 

CIMA members serve Black and African American, Latinx, Asian American, immigrant, LGBTQ+, and other Chicago communities. Independent media are particularly vulnerable to the changing media landscape that includes decreased advertising, yet their value as credible information sources continues to rise. Potential donors can learn more about all the CIMA outlets through the promotional campaign video, print, digital and social media assets they’ve produced.  

The campaign was organized, and is coordinated by CIMA, a project launched in 2019 by the Chicago Reader. The 61 partners in the alliance include traditional print newspapers, independently produced podcasts, dynamic video production studios, and nonprofit newsrooms focusing on key issues that impact the fabric of the city. CIMA coordinates revenue projects to assist in strengthening the local media landscape. Questions about the campaign may be directed to

A one-minute campaign video was shot and produced by Street Level and narrated in English, Spanish, and Polish by Street Level, Polish Daily News, and Gozamos, all members in the alliance. SoapBox Productions and Organizing assisted with collecting footage for the video and dozens of CIMA members provided photos and video for the campaign. The logo animation was created by Pam Atadero. Amber Huff created the print campaigns and CIMA co-director, Savannah Hugueley, created the digital campaigns. The campaign hashtags are #WeAmplifyChicagoVoices and #ChicagoMedia. Follow the campaign on social media @IndieMediaChi.

Watch CIMA’s 2022 campaign video here in English, Spanish, and Polish

About CIMA

The Chicago Independent Media Alliance (CIMA) is a coalition of over 61 independent, local, and community-driven media entities covering communities throughout the Chicago area. Through regular collaboration and the creation of new revenue streams, we uplift each other in order to amplify the voices of Chicagoans.

About the Fundraiser

From October 3 – 17, 2022, we are hosting our third annual CIMA fundraiser. By donating at, you can support the work of up to 40 of our member outlets who ensure the voices of thousands of Chicagoans are heard. 

Donate today at

Founded in 2019, CIMA is a project of the Reader Institute for Community Journalism, publisher of the Chicago Reader.


  1. AirGo Radio: Podcast and media hub showcasing people reshaping Chicago for the more equitable and creative.
  1. Block Club Chicago: Block Club Chicago is a nonprofit news organization dedicated to delivering reliable, nonpartisan and essential coverage of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods.
  1. Borderless Magazine: Borderless Magazine is a nonprofit news outlet covering immigration issues in the Midwest.
  1. Chicago Music Guide: Your guide to great music in Chicago. Music Promotions, resources and more.
  1. Chicago Public Square: Free daily email news roundup for Chicago. The Reader poll’s pick for Best Blog.
  1. Chicago Reader: The Reader, founded 1971, is Chicago’s in-depth and curated guide to culture, politics, and more. 
  1. CHIRP Radio: CHIRP is your live, local community radio station focused on independent music and culture.
  1. Current Magazines: 
    • South Shore Current Magazine, good news from Chicago’s Cultural Soul Coast—the southeast and southern shore communities.
    • The West Side Current Magazine, good news from Chicago’s west side—focused on pride, honor, and value of community.
    • West of the Ryan Current Magazine, good news from Chicago’s west of the Ryan
  1. E3 Radio: E3 Radio is an online station playing queer and independent music. Queer radio done right. 
  1. Evanston Roundtable: The Evanston RoundTable is the community’s leading source of news about local government, schools, civic and artistic activities, and other important issues facing our city. 
  1. Gazette Chicago: Gazette Chicago is a free, independent newspaper serving ten Chicago neighborhoods, committed to unbiased news coverage that tells all sides since its founding in 1983. 
  1. Gozamos: Gozamos is an independent online magazine and community of journalists, bloggers, and progressive activists covering culture, music, and politics.
  1. Growing Community Media: a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, connects citizens through community journalism. We promote civil discourse, thriving communities and a vibrant democracy across seven communities on the west side of Chicago and its near west suburbs through the Austin Weekly News, Wednesday Journal, Forest Park Review and Riverside Brookfield Landmark.
  1. Harvey World Herald: The Harvey World Herald is your trusted news source for in-depth reporting on education, business, public safety, health, politics, and entertainment in the City of Harvey.
  1. Hyde Park Herald: Hyde Park Herald is a weekly community newspaper rich in a 138 year history and journalistic excellence. 
  1. Illinois Latino News: Award-winning local community journalism. The only English language news outlet dedicated exclusively to Hispanic-Latinos in Illinois.
  1. Inside Publications: Skyline, Inside Booster, News Star Newspapers: Your friendly 110-year-old neighborhood newspapers, serving Chicago’s north side.
  1. Kartemquin Films:  Sparking democracy through documentary since 1966, Kartemquin is a collaborative community that empowers documentary makers who create stories that foster a more engaged and just society.
  1. La Raza: The voice of Chicago ‘s Latino community for 50 years. La voz de la comunidad latina en Chicago por 50 años.
  1. Loop North News: Loop North News serves the Loop and Near North neighborhoods of downtown Chicago.
  1. McKinley Park News: Covers Chicago’s McKinley Park neighborhood and its people, institutions and enterprises by publishing community information and enabling channels of communication. 
  1. Mildsauce: Being the change we want to see, broadcasting youth voice through studio production and media arts.
  2. N’DIGO: Tells stories untold, mis told and that need to be retold about African Americans.
  1. Newcity: The publication of record for Chicago culture.
  1. North Lawndale Community News: Providing news and information on resources and events that improve the lifestyle of individuals and families.
  1. Paseo Podcast: A weekly Puerto Rican podcast dedicated to telling stories by, from, and about the Puerto Rican Community.
  1. Pigment International®:  A Black woman founded and led multi-media art platform reporting on the art, people, issues, trends, and events shaping Black contemporary art
  1. Polish Daily News: Polish Daily News is the largest and the oldest Polish language newspaper in Chicago. Since 1908 it is a destination of choice for tens of thousands of Poles in Chicagoland looking for reliable news.
  1. Rebellious Magazine for Women: Rebellious Magazine for Women is a feminist news and culture website founded in 2012.
  1. Rivet:  Rivet is a smart media production and distribution company. Rivet brings your stories to life and life to your stories.   
  1. SoapBox Productions and Organizing: Film and social activism non-profit specializing in multimedia storytelling for equity and structural change. 
  2. South Side Weekly: Independent, nonprofit newspaper for and about the south side of Chicago.
  1. StreetWise: Empowering those facing homelessness with access to employment to work toward self-sufficiency with dignity.
  1. The Beverly Review: Weekly newspaper covering Beverly Hills, Morgan Park, and Mt. Greenwood. 
  1. The Chicago Defender: Founded in 1905, The Chicago Defender is multimedia content provider of news, information and events that cover the interests of the urban African American community with culturally relevant content not regularly serviced by mainstream media. 
  1. The Daily Line: The Daily Line does critical reporting on policy and politics for professionals.
  1. Third Coast Review: Chicago’s online arts and culture magazine, specializing in quirky, underground aspects of the arts scene.
  2. True Star Foundation: True Star is a non-profit media company and digital agency led by Chicago youth. 
  1. Windy City Times: Windy City Times is an award-winning newspaper serving the Chicagoland LGBTQ community since 1985. 

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