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On this episode of Illinois Latino Opinion+, we discussed how to vote in the upcoming Chicago mayoral and aldermanic races with Katrina Phidd, communications director of Chicago Votes. Chicago Votes is a nonpartisan organization that helps mobilize young people in democracy through voting. They do not endorse candidates or align with a particular party.  

According to their website, Chicago Votes believe in the “potential of our generation to use organizing and advocacy to change politics as usual.” 

“Technically we have the most power… and if young people showed out to vote at really high rates we would have a huge amount of control over the election,” Phidd explained.

Youth turnout in the 2022 midterm election was the second-highest turnout rate for this group in the last 30 years, with 27 percent of people ages 18-29 participating

The definition of “young” can be subjective, but Phidd describes the “young voter” category as individuals between ages 18-35. 

“We’re focused on educating young people, breaking down barriers to civic engagement, and making democracy and civics a place where young people feel heard,” Phidd said. 

Aside from voting for the city’s next mayor, Chicagoans will also be voting for aldermen, police district council, city clerk and Cook County treasurer during the 2023 municipal elections.

“Municipal elections are so important because they are local elections,” Phidd said. “These are the elections that impact us the most.”

Early voting is open in all 50 wards. Illinois has same day voter registration available until Election Day., Feb. 28. 


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