Latino News Network And Be The Ones Announce Partnership


Latino News Network (LNN) and Be The Ones are proud to announce their partnership to help constituents be well informed and prepared to participate in down-ballot races (local & state races) this November. The multi-layered communication and education campaign equips voters with accessible, clear, factual information to better understand which positions are on the ballot and how these officials impact issues like reproductive justice and voting access. 

While 32 million Latinos are eligible to vote in the U.S., only 53.7% cast a ballot in 2020. Research shows lack of easy to understand and accessible information is a barrier to participation. Local civic & voter education is essential if we want to increase participation. 

State and local officials shape our lives. They make decisions impacting everything from kids’ education, immigration policies, expanding healthcare, and voter access. With 99% of elections this year being state & local positions, we have an opportunity to meet people where they are and help them see the value their vote has in their community. 

Be The Ones is a nonpartisan organization working to increase local civic participation through accessible education campaigns. This fall their work is centered around educating voters on 10 local & state positions through their bilingual Local Voters Guide & hosting Vote Local Day on Saturday, October 8th. 

“Be The Ones is thrilled to work alongside Latino News Network to help make sure the voices of our communities are heard in this very important election. We know voting is just one tool in our toolbox that impacts access, opportunity and freedom. While our work is currently focused on preparing folks for November, we look forward to expanding our partnership with Latino News Network as we continue to strengthen the Hispanic-Latino community’s participation in our democracy,”  says Cate Mayer, Founder & Director of Be The Ones.

Hugo Balta, Owner, and Publisher of LNN commented on the partnership, saying, “We’re excited to work with an organization that aims to equip voters with clear, factual information that will help them confidently elect the local leaders they want to represent them and their community. Our newsroom takes a collaborative approach to prioritize communities through solutions-focused reporting rather than problem-focused.”

This partnership is part of a project called Democracy Day, in which newsrooms across the country are shining a light on threats to democracy and what action is needed to protect it. At Rhode Island Latino News (RILN), as it is with all of our sister news outlets under the Latino News Network banner , we’re not neutral about democracy. It fuels our commitment to serve the public, our belief in empowering an active citizenry.

Collaboration and inclusion are best practices LNN adopted from the Democracy SOS fellowship. LNN is one of 20 U.S.-based newsrooms elected to participate in the Hearken and the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) fellowship, committed to building understanding, trust, and engagement.

About LNN

The Latino News Network (LNN) oversees five independent statewide coverage, Hispanic-Latino editorial focus English language news and information websites in New England and the Midwest.

LNN’s mission is to provide greater visibility and voice to Hispanics-Latinos, amplify the work of others in doing the same, give young journalists mentoring and real work experience, and apply the principles of solutions journalism in its investigative reporting.

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About Be The Ones

Be The Ones is a nonpartisan organization working to increase local civic participation through accessible education campaigns. We blend technology, community partnerships and storytelling to rally Americans to be more informed and ready to participate in local civic activities – from the ballot box to the pesky pothole down the street. 
Information and knowledge are power. When we provide information that’s easy to understand, engaging and relatable, constituents become actively invested in the future of our communities. Learn more about our work and join us: / Instagram: @LetsBeTheOnes  / Twitter: @LetsBeTheOnes

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